So this is my first experience buying a house. Scott purchased our current home when he was 23. All the information I have is from watching HG TV. What I have learned is that you need to step back from your house and look at it as the buyer. This means packing up anything that is not essential and to clean like you have never cleaned before. I have spent the last several night starting to pack up and we have a lot of stuff! I keep packing and packing - yet nothing looks even remotely cleaned up. I am so glad we are getting a housekeeper to come in to do the deep cleaning in a couple weeks. We are hoping to get out on Sunday to see some potential houses after church. What a fun and exhausting experience.


I am usually not one to complain about the raid, but I really want to do something today. Even a trip to the store would be nice. But the rain is makes me want to stay indoors, Hard getting 2 kids out of the van in the rain. We may attempt it anyways. I want to go by Scott's work and pick up some more boxes to pack.

Still with child

My due date is rapidly approaching. But I got myself so hyped up for an early labor I am slightly disappointed that he has not arrived yet. I am officially due tomorrow. So we will see what happens. I am trying be calm, but it is like someone saying to you- you will be in a great deal of pain anytime between now and next week. But try not to worry about it. Or you are getting the greatest surprise of your life, but I can't tell you when you will get it.. try to be patient. Nerve racking!!


Scott sold the car last night. Less than we wanted, but it is gone. Now we just have to find him a new (used) car. I am loving the new mini van!!

My body is very achy today, so off to a hot shower I go!


I didn't think selling a car was this difficult. People are offering 500 less than we asked and they don't even read the ad I posted on Craigslist. If I get one more email that asks the same questions that are answered in the ad, I am going to scream. And no you can not come early, you need to wait for my husband to get home. Frustrating.

On another note, I was not impressed by the midwife I saw today. Granted her day was thrown off by a blown out tire on the way to work. I had to wait an hour (I left and came back) for my appt and they did little to acknowledge that. She is newly graduated and was very blah. She did not seem concerned or have many questions for me. It was like she was almost in a daze. I am hoping that was just the bad day she was having. But I surely hope I get someone else when I deliver. To make me feel better I made next week's appt with my favorite midwife, the one who delivered Gabe. Hopefully I go into labor before then, but who know! 2cm dilated but that really means nothing. I would try to walk this baby out, but walking is quite painful. Having the late appt also threw off my day. I was hoping to get an early morning nap in, but now I have to pick Gabe up in 40 minutes.
Oh well!

To - do's

I had a list of to-do's today. They included more laundry, packing Gabe's overnight bag for when I go into labor and finishing packing mine and babies. Dishes need to be unloaded and loaded again. The Christmas stuff seems to have scattered again, I need to condense and put away. The major one was cleaning Gabe's room. Very little of this list is going be completed.

We went to the Willamette Falls open house today, they had 2 rooms of Kid's stuff set up. We stayed longer than expected there. It was nice to see the teacher's that we have worked with since Gabe was 5 weeks old. I am hoping to get into a class with Roland this spring, but I will have to work out some sort of day care for Gabe. Zach and Mimi are coming over for an hour or so while Marg run's errands. I owe more than an hour, so I am happy to have them. I am hoping they will want to make thank you cards for there gifts or something structured. Gabe does better when something is structured.

I am tired and want just to sit or take a nap, so I have pretty much given up on my list. We will see if I get a second wind later this afternoon!


We had a White Christmas this year. The first that I can remember in my life. But unfortunately there still was half a foot of snow on the ground which made getting around not very safe or easy. We opened presents earlier in the week for each other knowing we were snowed in and they were all games. Scott got Blokus from Gabe and I got Animal Crossing: City Folk from Gabe. Gabe opened a marble tower Scott and I got him.

Our Christmas Eve plans got postponed until Saturday so we had dinner with my parents since they only live 2 blocks away. We opened presents from Cousin Sarah and her family. Gabe got a bunch of cars and She sent a hand knitted blanket for the new Baby. She is the only cousin out of a dozen that we keep in real contact with. I still need to send there gifts off since we have not been able to get to the post office in the snow.

Christmas morning Gabe got up around 7:45 and was eager to see if Santa ate his cookies and Rudolf ate his carrot. Sure enough they did. He woke Daddy up and we opened presents and stockings. Gabe received a puzzle, Incredible's movie, baby bottles for his cabbage patch kid (my old one), paint pots and brushes and bath toy. Scott got some lego's, a kitchen timer (ours are all broken and he uses them regularly) and a pack of Magic Cards. I got the initials of all my boys and my birthstone to put on my charm bracelet.

Around 10am we went to my parents again to meet up with my sister and her husband. We had a lovely brunch of waffles, strawberries and whip cream. We also had apple cinnamon rolls, scones and fruit. Gabe had a hard time waiting to open presents but we finally opened our stockings. Lots of Candy in those. I got a new scarf and the boys all got Gloves. Gabe got some matchbox cars. For presents we were suppose to make our gifts this year. I made everyone a cook book of family recipes. My brother in law made us copper bird feeders (he is metal fabricator). The bird feeders turned out great and I can't wait to put it in our yard. My parents bought us presents. We each got digital picture frame and $100. Scott got a video game as did I. Gabe got a board game called I can do that, and etchasketch, puzzle and Wall E movie. My uncle put together a great gift for my Grandmother to give everyone. He has been tracking our Family history and a bunch of letters my Grandfather wrote in WWII to his parents. The book my uncle put together was amazing. I have not gotten a chance to read it yet, but is beautifully done.

We left there around 1pm to take off to meet his parents. We made it to HWY 224 and waited in a parking lot for them to pick us up. We would not have been able to get up there hill to there house and we didn't have chains to make it into Portland to Aunt Francie's house where Christmas dinner was being held. I am glad Scott's parent's had chains, we definitely needed them once we got into the side streets. There were about 30 aunts, uncles and cousins at dinner. It was nice seeing everyone again. Dinner was Lasagna and ham. The little kids opened up presents first. Gabe was really excited about the barrel of monkey's from Great Grandma. He also got Hullabloo game from cousin Adam. The adults did a white elephant. I got a horrible Christmas sweater, shoulder pads and all. Scott got a funky looking usb drive.
Trying to get home wasn't fun since the streets had iced over a bit. We got stuck in the parking lot we had parked in. But we were able to push the car out. We got stuck again right outside our drive way.

We now have our last Christmas celebration to go tomorrow.

ALl in all a good Christmas.

Good thing I didn't drive to work this morning

I woke up at 5am to check weather for my 7:30 shift at work. It was all clear, but the weather man said the snow would start at 7:30. I called my boss and let them know it wasn't safe for me to be out and about today and lucky I did. It has been snowing since about 7am this morning! I told Gabe I had a surprise for him when he woke up. He saw the snow and started running all over the house shouting "I love my surprise". We got outside around 8am and took a walk in the snow. After that I made hot chocolate and breakfast. The snow is still coming down! It is so much fun.



I haven't had too many fantastic meals prepared lately. I have been lazy being 8 mo pregnant. But tonight I slow cooked one of the pork roasts I bought at Costco last week. I just seasoned it, browned it and slow cooked in chicken broth. WOW, it was excellent. I am happy to finally have made a great dish, and an easy one I can do when Roland joins us!

6 more weeks to go until the official due date and we are anxious. We know how drastically our lives are going to change!

It is suppose to snow tonight and I am suppose open our store a 7:30am tomorrow. It is a 30 minute drive and I can't do it with ice or snow. So that means I have to wake up 5am and check the conditions, then call someone else who lives closer in if it is treacherous. I am not looking forward to that.