Angela Baker (angz) wrote,
Angela Baker


Poor Gabe has a fever. I don't think he has really ever had one as high as 101 before. Several times today - during playing - he would walk to his room and lay down for a bit. I did find it a bit unusual, but he was bouncing off the walls most of the time. Tonight we had my parents and my sister over for my Dad's bday dinner. (I made a fabulous scratch meal yay me!) Gabe didn't eat very much and went and put him self to bed around 7pm. He woke back up for a few minutes but was quiet. He then went and put himself back to bed. I went in and tucked him in and he said I love you. At that point he didn't seem to have a fever. I checked on him about an hour later and he was burning up. Thank goodness for the internet. I was worried sick that I should take him into the emergancy room until I read all the articles that say leave the fever be and let it do it's job. So unless it gets any higher, I am going to check him in the morning.

The big bummer is that he was suppose to go to Scott's parents for a sleep over tomorrow. Now, who knows how he will wake up. If he is feeling ok in the morning, I may still send him. He is just as well cared for over there as here, if he is feeling better. But of course if he wakes up not feeling well, we will take him straight to the dr's. to check on him.

I am starting to feel over whelmed with what to do with a new baby. Our house is pretty small and I wish we had another bedroom for him. But I guess I have to give in and have Gabe and Roland share a room. It is not my ideal, but I am sure I will make it work. Next step is to start sorting Gabe's old clothes and setting the crib up right for a baby. I need to really make sure I want the shelving system out of the closet too, since Scott said he would do that this weekend for me. I also need to reorganize my chaos craft supplies in the office. I may need to take a trip to Ikea. I still need time to do that. Maybe I will make a call out to my friends to see if anyone wants to go.
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