Angela Baker (angz) wrote,
Angela Baker


I haven't had too many fantastic meals prepared lately. I have been lazy being 8 mo pregnant. But tonight I slow cooked one of the pork roasts I bought at Costco last week. I just seasoned it, browned it and slow cooked in chicken broth. WOW, it was excellent. I am happy to finally have made a great dish, and an easy one I can do when Roland joins us!

6 more weeks to go until the official due date and we are anxious. We know how drastically our lives are going to change!

It is suppose to snow tonight and I am suppose open our store a 7:30am tomorrow. It is a 30 minute drive and I can't do it with ice or snow. So that means I have to wake up 5am and check the conditions, then call someone else who lives closer in if it is treacherous. I am not looking forward to that.
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