Angela Baker (angz) wrote,
Angela Baker

To - do's

I had a list of to-do's today. They included more laundry, packing Gabe's overnight bag for when I go into labor and finishing packing mine and babies. Dishes need to be unloaded and loaded again. The Christmas stuff seems to have scattered again, I need to condense and put away. The major one was cleaning Gabe's room. Very little of this list is going be completed.

We went to the Willamette Falls open house today, they had 2 rooms of Kid's stuff set up. We stayed longer than expected there. It was nice to see the teacher's that we have worked with since Gabe was 5 weeks old. I am hoping to get into a class with Roland this spring, but I will have to work out some sort of day care for Gabe. Zach and Mimi are coming over for an hour or so while Marg run's errands. I owe more than an hour, so I am happy to have them. I am hoping they will want to make thank you cards for there gifts or something structured. Gabe does better when something is structured.

I am tired and want just to sit or take a nap, so I have pretty much given up on my list. We will see if I get a second wind later this afternoon!
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