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Angie's Life

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  2008.09.29  10.57
Halloween costume

Took this pic to make Halloween cards. They are going to say - have a Stinkin good Halloween!



  2008.09.25  16.14

Today is my birthday and so far so good :). I had some time to myself and to sleep while Gabe was at preschool. Scott took us out to lunch. I am making a pot roast for dinner.


  2008.09.09  08.25

Gabe's first day of preschool is today! If I can only get him to eat breakfast, we can hit the road!


  2008.09.06  11.40
Looking forward

I am looking forward to Scott coming home tomorrow. Which is a good day for him to come over since my Dad will have Gabe all day. I have a meeting at work at 8am. After the meeting I will go straight to OHSU to visit Scott whether he is coming home or not. I will stay there until we either come home together or it gets around 2pm. Tracy's baby shower is at 3pm in Oregon City.

I am desperately trying to clean house. But it seems like every time I make headway, the house looks dirty again. I did all the dishes, then we made salsa with the fresh veggies from our garden. That made a mess. Then we had bean and corn quesadillas for lunch. All while I was doing that, Gabe got all the blankets out again and put them on the living room floor and was playing with his legos. Then he got out a new foam art project and started that on the table I had just cleaned off. So now I have more dishes to do and chase Gabe around trying to make him clean up after himself. We are letting lunch settle now, but will be back at it in a few.

At 4pm we have a birthday party to go to as well. So I need to put the finishing touches on Maddie's gift.

I am super excited that Gabe has preschool meet and greet on Monday. Then he starts his first day on Tuesday. He is very excited as well. I work at the preschool 2 days this month and I am in charge of reorganizing the library.

I better get back to cleaning.


  2008.09.01  11.18

Gabe woke up without a stuffy nose this morning, so we went up to the hospital to visit Daddy. Scott looked tired today, he is not getting any sleep in the new room he is in. Hopefully they will move him asap. We made our concerns heard and they will work on it. I thought I just had morning allergies when we went up, but by the time we left my nose was so stuffed up and I believe I have a slight fever. I am not happy at all. I guess I got Gabe's cold. Not what I need right now. It is going to be a long day!

Man I feel awful!! i have a horrible cold. Gabe went to play at the neighbors house but only lasted an hour. He was not playing nicely, so he ran home. Now he has a million and one questions about everything and is driving me nuts. Grrrrrrrrrrrr


  2008.08.31  11.20

Gabe was crying in his sleep last night so I didn't get to bed until midnight. The humdifier seemed to help and he slept in until 7:20, which is much better than his usual 6:30am. His cold is stuffing him up pretty well so today is a movie, quiet time day. I am having trouble, as usual, getting chores done. I am tired. A little bit here and there and maybe I will get them done today.

Scott called to update. They are moving him out of ICU today and putting him on a solid diet. His pain level is tolerable. So good news there, although it is really nice in the ICU since you have one nurse per patient. They have been overally helpful!

Ok off to do something.


  2008.08.30  21.11

Scott is doing better, he took a couple walks today. They should be moving him out of ICU tomorrow. I am not sure how much I can see him this week since it would require a babysitter. And I know all of my friends are willing, it just doesn't seem like I would get quality time with him. I would be wondering if I was staying too long, or if Gabe was doing ok.

I was going to take Gabe up tomorrow, but he developed a cold at Gamma and Papa's. Bummer! I can't take him to the hospital when he is sick!!!

Off to bed!


  2008.08.30  08.20

So on Thursday Scott went into the ER at Willamette Falls and they finally found something. An abscess where they had sewn his small intestine. It was sad to see him in pain, but I am glad they finally had it. They ambulance d him to OHSU since he needed to be on IV's still. He meet with his surgical team he has been working with and they decided that he needed his pouch removed. Around 1pm yesterday went into surgery and it lasted about 2.5 hours. The Surgeon came out to reassure me that they had to take the pouch and it was the right decision. It had perforated near the sewn part and had caused an infection. It is all over with now! Scott was taken back to ICU since he had a fever, but by 10pm last night he was more coherent and feeling better. He is in some pain, but doing much better.

I am taking the morning to catch up on dishes and cleaning the living room. We left for the ER in the middle of dinner dishes and Gabe had just dumped over his toy bin. My house looks like someone robbed it. Gabe stayed with Margaret Thursday and Gamma and Papa on Friday night. The inlaws are taking Gabe to the Circus today as planned for his Birthday. So I will be up with Scott all afternoon. Scott should be in the hospital for 5-7 days now.

Off to clean so I can get out of here and go see Gabe before they leave for the circus!


  2008.08.28  10.32

It's a Boy!
Ultra sound pictures to come as soon as they are scanned.


  2008.08.24  23.57

I really wish I could sleep. There are just nights that I can not turn my brain off. Grrrrrrrrrr


  2008.08.24  23.23
Gabe's birthday

Gabe's birthday craft projects. Invitations and animal cupcakes:
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  2008.08.24  17.25
Gabe's birthday pictures



  2008.08.21  08.11
Bad mood

Gabe got up at 5:45 and wouldn't go back to sleep, which put me in a terrible mood. I am thinking after cleaning the bathroom this morning, we may do some back to school shopping at the mall. I have to pick up his pictures anyways.


  2008.08.20  13.10
Work Work Work

I got some chores done around the house this morning. But the house looks like a disaster. I need to it done by Friday when 1yr old Ava comes for a visit. We went to Margaret's house for some crafts and I completed the bags for Gabe's party this weekend. Gabe had a bit of a melt down so we came home. I popped dinner in the slowcooker, and set up for lunch. Scott joined us for lunch too. In the middle of lunch Gabe spilled his soup all over the freshly mopped floor and himself. Then Scott went to clean him up and tracked soup all over the kitchen. So I mopped again, and took the glass piece off the table to wash under it where some soup had settled. Now it seems I have lots more to do. Put away the clean dishes, clean the glass piece, clean out the fridge and do those dishes. Then off to the living room to clean up all the junk on the floor. After that I have to clear out the crib for Ava's visit. I am hoping to get Gabe into a nap, he needs it! I do have a card making class tonight, so I am looking forward to that!


  2008.08.18  08.32
Thunder and rain

No lightening that I have seen. But it is a relief to have at least one day off watering the veggies. I guess we are staying inside today. We have a craft project to do in a bit for Gabe's bday and lots of chores. We may hit the dollar store today too. I need buckets for the craft project the kids will be doing at his party. Ohh there is lightening. Gabe has no clothes on right now except a diaper and a rain coat and he thinks he is going to go out into this down pour. Not happening!


  2008.08.17  07.27
Too Hot

It was a 3 day heat wave here in Oregon, getting over 100 degrees. When it gets this hot the house just doesn't cool down even at night. Making this 3rd night miserable. We tried to get some relief by hitting a store and dinner out, but the walks in between just made me sick from the heat. I hid in the bedroom all night with the ac.

Up this morning at 7am, since I didn't water last night. It was till too hot. Watering all the veggies, and picked a couple nice yellow squash and a hand full of strawberries. Gabe is watching a movie on the couch waking up slowly. Daddy is in bed trying to get some much needed sleep.


  2008.08.13  07.36
Feeling better

I started the day yesterday with toast and a banana. Feeling better, I decided to hit the parade and fair. Gabe rode in his preschool's float in the parade. Although he wasn't very happy about it. He wanted to be out walking and pushing Mimi on her scooter. But we made it finally around 11am to the fair. The parade takes you right into the fair. We stayed with Margaret and her family and met up with Sarah and her family. Off we went to the family area and spent a good 2 hours having a snack, and playing in the play farm. They had a station for digging potatoes, making dirt babies, and a corn box where the kids could dig dried corn. Gabe was in a little show they put on, he played a pig. It was cute. The tents were very muggy and I was happy to get out of there. Erica and her kids joined us at 1:30, but by that time it was time for us to head home to cool off and rest. We were home by 2pm and decided to go back with Tracy and her kids at 5:30. Scott was actually craving fried chicken so we rushed to KFC to get him some and we took off again. We again ran into Margaret's family and Sarah's family. The kids rode a couple rides together, we got and elephant ear and walked through the animal barns. Gabe and Kayla got airbrush tattoos and all was good. I was exhausted by the time we got home. My back and shoulder are sore from carrying the backpack, but it was worth it. Today we should lay back and relax, but something always comes up.


  2008.08.12  04.55

I am up at 4:30 in the morning to have some toast. My stomatch wasn't feeling well. I really hope today is better. I really want to go to the fair.


  2008.08.11  09.07
food poisoning or something

I am miserable! I got some sort of food poisoning and have been in the bathroom all yesterday and all morning. I didn't sleep well and am not happy.


  2008.08.07  09.21
Starting out the day

I made a big breakfast for Gabe and I this morning. Hashbrowns, eggs and sausage. I enjoyed it! Tonight is beef stew I think. Especially since I need to use the summer squash I picked the other day! I should go check he gardens again now. We may go to the park playdate for the preschool group today as well. Other than that just getting errands done.

Update: We are not going to the park because Gabe will not get dressed. We did already venture out into the backyard garden. We picked our first 4 fall strawberries and some green beans. A baby tomato is turning red too. We also stole some blackberries from the neighbor's over grown bushes. Gabe wasn't thrilled with them so I didn't pick very many. When Gabe decides to get dressed we can go on a bike ride and go to the local produce stand to get some fruit.

update II: Stew is in the slowcooker with zuchinni from a local garden and yellow squash from our garden. I also threw in the 5 green beans I got from the garden this morning. We picked 2 cool whip containers full of blueberries at my dad's. Not sure what I am going to do with them. Probably freeze them too. Now I have dishes to do. And make a late lunch. Gabe munched on pretzels the entire time we were at my parents so he is not hungry at all.


  2008.08.06  15.34
Gabe 3 year old pictures

Try this new link and enter Angela Baker as customer



  2008.08.06  08.56
Boring day.

I am still debating on going to the movies with Gabe this morning. They are playing a free show at Bridgeport he might like. Other than that I need to clean the kitchen and pick up the house a bit. My MIL is coming over to watch Gabe and Scott while I work tonight.


  2008.08.01  19.21

Gabe woke up several times last night. So Scott and I are exhausted today. Gabe actually woke up late so I rushed and got us out of the house in 20 minutes. We went to my parent's house to help with their garage sale in the morning. We only stayed an hour and off we were to the inlaws. Nancilee took us to the mall to get pictures done of Gabe. He did fairly well and the pictures turned out cute. I will be able to post them in 10 days when the proofs are emailed to me. The printed pictures come on the 18th. We stayed at there house for lunch and papa and gabe built a model tracker. I came down in a terrible headache so we headed home. Luckily I was able to transfer Gabe and we napped for 2 hours. Which didn't help my headache. But we headed back over to my parents to help my dad close up the garage sale.

Scott didn't play cards tonight, so we are all being lazy around here now. My headache is mostly gone thanks to Tylenol. Now we are wasting time until Gabe goes to bed. We may follow shortly after that.


  2008.07.31  16.54
zoo trip

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  2008.07.26  15.17
Gabe's first trip to the dentist!

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